2016 Trip

Destination : New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam
Duration : 7 months

Since 2011, I have always wished to leave my native country for a few months to live something “different”. I thought a few times about doing a training in information technology during my schooling. There was no real achievement. On the other side, I heard some people in my relationship talking about “Working-Holiday VISA”. After passing my master degree, I did not really feel like working in France. By the way, it was already true some years before. I really wanted to find a new experience oversea. At this point, I had two solutions: looking for a job oversea or requesting for the kind of VISA I mentionned before. Then, I started to look for a job. I fastly felt something wrong. My English was not enough improved. Of course, I had strong basis but I was in lack of practising. I didn’t really wished to be in a working area where I couldn’t be at ease with communication. That’s why I fastly decided to take the other way and wander in New Zealand for a while. So, the adventure started the first day of December !

Although this project seems to be a labour of love, it contains several goals:

  • Improve my english
  • Evolve in a unknown country and win autonomy
  • Confirm my will to work oversea
  • Meet people for all over the world
  • Visit countries

Right now, I feel able to incorporate a company using the english language. After 6 months of travelling, I have more self-confidence with English and I still have the will to improve more and more.

But the real accomplishement of the travel is not the one about the language. As I said, I needed to know if I was able to live and work far from my native country. After having lived that incredible experience, I am completely sure that I want to evolve oversea. I was lucky to meet people from all over the world. I rapidly noticed that communicate with people having different ways of life was the point I liked the most. Sharing experiences and stories was things I really appreciated. From now, I want to keep travelling around the world visiting countries and meeting people.

On the other side, I want to work as an IT programmer as soon as I can. During the months I travelled, I didn’t work in IT at all. Actually, there was a sudden stop of programming activities when I passed my master degree. That was not a matter during the next few weeks. But after a while, I really missed programming and it confirmed my passion for the job I used to do, even if I already knew it.

That’s why I now want to mix both. So, I am looking for a job in an English speaking country as an IT programmer. This experience in New Zealand taught me one additionnal thing. And the thing is: “You can do whatever you want if you affect enough time and effort on it”.

2018 Trip

Destination : Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Turkey
Duration : 6 weeks

One of the aims of this trip is to take some time to define what I want to accomplish professionally after my experience in Natixis Bank. Before leaving Luxembourg, I had several questions in mind :

  • Do I want to work in France or abroad?
  • Do I want to work in Europe or abroad?
  • Do I want to specialize in Machine Learning or Blockchain?
  • Do I want to work in a finance business?
  • Do I want to improve myself in Python or Java?

On another side, I could choose the part of the planet I wanted to discover. Frankly, I really appreciated my times in Vietnam and in Thailand 2 years before. So, I choosed to complete my asian discovery with the countries mentionned above.

Here are some videos made on my own to illustrate the beauty of the destinations :